Saturday, 12 May 2012

Mummy has a baby in the Tummy!

Explaining pregnancy to kids or getting your children ready for the new baby depends a lot on the age and maturity of the children.

I don't particularly remember telling my tenth month old son that I'm carrying a baby. His little sister Tania was born when he turned one and half years old. I remember that while I was carrying, he used to kiss my tummy when I would tell him to give the baby a kiss. He was very excited with the new born baby and would want us to put her in his lap.

Now Rohaan is three and half, while Tania is two. I have told them that there is a baby in mummy's tummy and that it was still tiny and it would come out when it was 'this' big. They seemed to consider it nonsense and didn't pay much attention. Rohaan would say "Tania is a baby."

Recently, I showed Rohaan some simple pictures of pregnant women and growing fetuses and he seemed to get some idea. But now, though he kisses the tummy believing there is a baby inside, he tries to open my dress or lift it up, saying he wants to see the baby. It's actually quite an adorable scene. Tania willingly imitates whatever her brother does, she also gives kisses to the baby.

7th month update: Rohaan really seems to understand. He tells everyone about the Baby inside Mummy and makes plans how he will play with the new baby. Recently, at the hospital, he found a brochure with a picture of a matured fetus in the uterus. He was excitedly showing it to everyone saying 'this is how baby sleeps inside mummy.' Every time he places his hand on my tummy and feels the baby move, he gets really exited and says 'the baby is ready, its big now, lets go to hospital and take it out!' I really enjoy his excitement.

This is a good site with some facts about pregnancy.

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