Monday, 14 May 2012

Freelance writer - A wonderful solution for showcasing your knowledge and talents.

I love writing. Every personal article in this blog is about true experiences and real emotions. In a blog, I can write about anything my heart desires to express or share. When I started writing freelance articles professionally, it wasn't something very clear cut; I just wanted to do something more! Something that was about me, rediscovering myself as an individual. I love being a homemaker, but there is a lot more that I can do; I can be! The family is my first priority and being a homemaker is quite fulfilling, but as an individual, I yearned for more personal accomplishments of my knowledge and talents.

Today, I was writing an explanation in an email concerning a job query, about why I do freelance writing. I never gave it so much thought before. In personal emails, though to an employer, I am always candid about what I think and feel. That's probably unprofessional, but to me, it's not just electronic communication, but a real person on the other side with whom I am communicating from the heart, instead of being all correct, cold and acting professionally. I usually make it clear to my prospective employer about what I really am. I don't underrate myself nor do I pretend to be something I am not. I am aware of my calibre and quality of output. I make my limitations also clear.

Who we are and what we value, have a lot to do with our childhood influences and upbringing. Our family had a Home Science Academy with two branches in Kerala where my mother, a postgraduate in Home Science, took classes in cooking, arts and various crafts. I started assisting her in classes from the age of fifteen. I conducted classes on my own from the time I turned eighteen. My mother always gave importance to quality over quantity. Despite overwhelming admission requests, she limited seats in her 3-month cooking courses to 15 students a batch so that she could pay attention to each student. I have learned to follow the same policy of quality over quantity. I may not accomplish a lot, but whatever I do, it will be of top quality. 

With the intention of being an all-rounder in taking over the family business, I trained in a carefully chosen combination of courses. I graduated in B.Sc. Home Science ranking second in the state. I worked part-time as a nutritionist in a diet clinic while doing a course in interior designing. But, it was during the four-year professional degree of BFA. Applied Arts that I realized, the academy was not really my dream; it was just something I had grown up with. I am professionally trained as a visualizer from one of the best Fine Art colleges in Asia. As my first job, I worked as a visualizer for Mudra, one of the leading advertising agencies in the country. I love writing and I soon realized that a visualizer with copywriting skills was a lethal combination that would put my career on the fast track. 

I am married to a Naval officer; a helicopter pilot. Before long, we were posted to remote areas where I wasn't able to find work or pay of my level. I love my field of Home Science and Art; I am at heart 'a homemaker' and nothing gets more priority than my family, which has fast expanded to include my two lovely children and a third one on the way. These last four years, I have totally dedicated my time to my family. But, as an individual, I feel I am wasting my talent and creativity. I thirst for productivity and to use the knowledge I have gained through all these years. 

Freelance writing, while working from home has been the best solution I have come up with, to showcase my combination of knowledge and talents. I work only for those clients who value quality work and is willing to offer compensation accordingly. After a back breaking day with two toddlers, you definitely need solid inspiration to sit down and continue working. Thankfully, all my writing assignments until now have been really satisfying - personally and financially.

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