Friday, 26 October 2012

Traditional Onam Rituals

  • Of all the traditions, the Ona- pooklam, which are the designer flower carpets and Ona-sadya, the great Onam feast with 13 essential dishes are the most famous and religiously followed functions.
  • Athachamayam is the grand procession that marks the beginning of Onam and is a majestic procession of pomp and splendor having decorated elephants, folk presentation, dance and music.
  • Kaikotti Kali is specific dance form played out by women dressed in traditional wear.
  • Thumbi thullal is a folk dance performed by the women.
  • Pulikkali is an amusing dance played by the men dressed up as leopards colored in yellow with black spots all over their body.
  • Uthradathi Vallamkali is a snake boat race organized with much fervor and zeal; it is extremely competitive.
  • Onakodi are new clothes gifted among loved ones to celebrate onam.
  • Onam is the only time of the year when most keralites are decked out in traditional Kerala wear.
  • Onam –payasams are delicious desserts prepared for these occasions. 

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