Friday, 26 October 2012

Kerala Pappadum: Onam sadya Special

Pappadams or papadums are wafer thin crispy Indian preparation that can be described as a large cracker. Recipes for pappadam vary from region to region in India. They may be made from lentils, chick pea flour, urad da or black gram flour, rice or potatoes. Pappadums maybe plain or laced with different spices. North Indian papads are spicy and are usually served as starters. Pappadam is also known as appalams in certain regions of India.

Traditional kerala pappadums are made from black gram flour. The dough is mixed with asafoetida and salt, and rolled out into flat thin rounds which are then sun dried.

A south Indian meal is incomplete without pappadams. Can you even imagine a Kerala wedding feast or any sadya without pappadam…A standard Kerala sadya has rice, parippu curry, sambar, moru kachiyathu, rasam, errissery, pullissery, klan, olan, kootucurry, pachadi, kitchadi, aviyal, cabbage carrot thoran, beans thoran, pappadam, inji-curry, various pickles, chips and many different payasams.

No one bothers making pappadams from scratch as it is easily available in the market. My children go crazy over pappadam. I generally keep it hidden till they are almost done with their meals; otherwise they would just stuff themselves with the pappadams and then refuse to eat anything else.

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