Friday, 31 August 2012

My Two Year Old Has Ear Piercing Infection!

My experience in dealing with ear piercing infections, its causes, treatments, prevention and after care instructions.

By 5 am, early morning, Tania woke up in tears. She just wouldn't stop crying. I checked her all over to see if something had bit her or to find if there was anything else that could be a problem. I kept asking her whether it hurt anywhere. How does a two year old tell you her problem? I couldn't find any answers. Something seemed to be bothering her and she was really cranky. 

By around 7 am I noticed she seemed to be rubbing her hair. I checked the scalp to ensure there were no wounds or bumps. Nothing! A little later I figured it’s her ear that was the problem, it just that when she was rubbing the ear, the hand kept moving into the hair. Ok! Ear infection, I decided. So off she went to the hospital. The pediatrician after a thorough check up couldn't find anything particularly wrong with her or her ears though she was unusually cranky and fidgety throughout the examination. He finally gave some drops to dissolve excess earwax in case there was any and asked us to show her to an ENT specialist the next day.

Once we were home, I removed her earrings thinking it might make her more comfortable and prevent any chances of injury when she rubbed her ears. Behold! A glistening yellow tinged ring circling the piercing. She had developed an ear piercing infection!
As common to our culture, her ears were pierced when she was around 3 months old. She wore those hypo-allergic studs for 3 months after which she had these lovely little gold earrings. She was nearly two when she managed to lose one of them. My mother-in-law gifted a lovely pair of tiny silver studs with a small white stone in the center. She has been wearing these for the last 6 months or so. I’m not sure what has caused the infection. It maybe allergy to the silver or maybe there are other reasons.

I cleaned up with soapy water. Shaved off some bits from a toothpick to adjust it to the hole size, dipped it in antibiotic cream and put it into the hole to ensure it doesn't seal off while it heals. In my childhood I remember my mom using these tiny bits of sticks from coconut leaves to insert into our infected piercings. We were just supposed to keep them clean and allow exposure to fresh air to heal them.

I spent the afternoon reading up on whatever I could find on ear piercing infections, their causes, their prevention, the treatment, etc. My next submission will be the compilation of my research on ear piercing and its care. I hope others will benefit from a comprehensive article with all necessary information on the topic.

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