Thursday, 3 May 2012

Sinus Infections in the First Trimester of Pregnancy

It started a week back, as a throat infection. I was prescribed antihistamines, saline gargling and steam inhalation along with Vitamin C. I have taken it for five days now and I’m feeling terrible. Each day, I think “I’ll get better tomorrow." But now, the entire right side of my face is aching; from my temples to my teeth. I can’t even chew with that side. 

The toothache started yesterday and it’s only today that I realised that it’s not really my teeth, but a point somewhere between my right eye and right side of the jaw; below the cheek bone. I don’t honestly remember having sinus problems before, though I remember the toothache from a previous cold, so I must have had it before. It definitely did not bother me so much then.  I found this spot to be very tender to touch and slightly swollen, but it definitely was the point of origin of the pain. I have read that pain like this indicates a maxillary sinus infection and my tender point is actually the maxillary sinus cavity.

My throat infection has turned into a sinus infection and I am definitely going to need antibiotics. I have been having intermittent bouts of mild shivering and temperature throughout the day. I am extremely exhausted, my breathing feels really strained and I have lost my appetite. I love to eat, but now though I feel hungry, I just can’t eat beyond a few mouthfuls, so within a couple of hours I am really hungry again. I am not complaining. Sharing somehow seems to lessen the suffering and I have this habit of googling for every tiny doubt, so I feel that someone with similar problems would be happy to see the symptoms listed clearly and that there are others in the same boat.

Lying in bed is making me feel miserable as I am aware of every tiny ache.  My sudden spike in blog posts, in the recent days is a testimony to my attempts to stay out of bed and keep myself distracted. I hired a full time maid from an agency four days back at an exorbitant rate of Rs 8000 a month. I am at least having a clean house and fresh meals on time. Luckily, she has proven to an efficient young lady capable of dealing with my energetic son Rohaan and that definitely is a blessing. Tania, my two year old, is with my mother in law at Kannur, till I recover from my current issues.  Thank God for a great mother-in-law.

Update: I called my doctor, who suggested I start straight away on antibiotics. It was already eight at night , so I thought I'll buy them the next day. But the next day, I was feeling really sick; I didn't have the energy to get dressed and go till the hospital. I kept putting it off thinking I'll go later when I feel a little better. Amazingly , by evening my toothache vanished and I was feeling much better. The next day, I was down to the occasional cough and some sniffles. It took another three days to recover completely and I sure am glad that I got over it without using any antibiotics.

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